Trolling Combinations

Setup of the Torpedo Diver is Easy

  • With a fishing lure attached allow a leader according to the species desired. The most successful is putting your lure out 50 to 60 feet behind the boat.
  • Attach the Torpedo Diver 12" below the Torpedo Fixed Slider Snap Swivel and attach to the line by sliding it through the Dropper Loop Knot. Other clips can be used in place of the Torpedo Fixed Slider Snap Swivel.
  • Let out the amount of line to depth according to the chart provided.
  • Put your rod in the rod holder or attach to an inline or planer board and send your bait out to the side. You can also bend the directional fin to the left or right to steer the Torpedo Diver in the desired direction away from your boat.
  • When reeling in slip out the Fixed Slider or unclip the clip attached to the Torpedo Diver and continue to reel in your catch.

Using the Torpedo Fixed Slider Snap Swivel

Torpedo Diver Setup Using a Torpedo Fixed Slider Snap Swivel

Click here to see more about the Torpedo Fixed Slider Snap Swivel.

Using the Church Clip

Torpedo Diver Setup Using Church Clip

Using the OR16 Clip

Torpedo Diver Setup Using OR16 Clip


Predator Ambush Position (PAP)

Most predator fish love to ambush baitfish, it is an easy method for a meal. One favorite method of Predator Ambush Position (PAP) is to ball up the baitfish then wait for the weak to fall out of the pack and pick them off. By creating an ambush spread, predator fish will seek your spread and their instinct will cause them to strike at your bait. Baitfish create a ton of turbulence and predator fish like to stay on the outsides of this turbulence creating PAP opportunities. Take a look at the following video for predator/baitfish interaction and notice how the predators stay close to the baitfish.


Secret Torpedo Rig (STR)

The Secret Torpedo Rig (STR) was designed with the Predator Ambush Position Profile (PAP) in mind. Predator fish love the PAP and the STR triggers the PAP instinct of the predator. To create an Predator Ambush Position first make a commercial bait loop knot 10 feet above your Torpedo Diver or downrigger clip on your fishing line. Then take a Torpedo Fixed slider snap swivel and attach 5 feet of fishing line with a lure on the business end of the line. Attach the snap to the commercial bait loop knot. Congratulations you have now made an PAP, now get ready for some hot action!

Please note: Diagram is not to scale.


Deep Water Fishing

Each Torpedo Diver has the ability to reach certain depths, but add more Torpedo Divers on the same line and depths are unlimited.

How deep are the fish? Any depth now is attainable. A depth of 150’ is reached with 321’ feet of line out trolling at 2.5mph


Add More Stealth to your Downrigger Program

Downriggers create a lot of noise and turbulence, this can be overpowering to fish especially in water less then 50 feet from the surface. There is turbulance that comes off the downrigger cable and with many types of downrigger weights. To add to the turbulence the boat motor noise can also travel down a downrigger cable.

Captain Ken Biemiller has a favorite rig. This rig outperformed all his other rigs in 2009. The rig consisted of meat behind a flasher then a Cuda Torpedo Diver set down 70 feet and finally the downrigger to take everything down to a total depth of 200 feet or deeper. The program did two things for Captain Ken. First the bait was outside the downrigger noise and second the blowback on the downrigger was greatly reduced, a winning combination, a great Predator Ambush Position (PAP) and a hot setup.


Torpedo Divers with Leadcore or Copper

Leadcore and copper have a hypnotic effect on fish as they move through the water and definitely are a very effective presentation on predator fish. In the case of leadcore the hypnotic effect is achieved at 4 colors, after 4 colors more depth is achieved. This year we tested using 4 colors of leadcore and Torpedo Divers on the backing to achieve accurate depth, the results were stunning! Aside from fantastic tournament results, Captain Mark Chmura caught the largest Salmon of the 16 Tournaments on Lake Michigan for 2009 using a Torpedo Diver / Leadcore combination.

Using Torpedo Divers with precision charts and leadcore’s hypnotic effect we were getting leadcore down to depths of over 100 feet. In other cases we had leadcore at deep depths tighter to the boat, which worked well in heavy boat traffic. Most importantly we were able to position our leadcore lines closer to our turbulence presentations for a better Predator Ambush Position.


Stacking Torpedo Divers

The larger Cuda and Musky Torpedo Divers will dive straight down the first 25 feet and this creates an opportunity to have a stacked line above the main line. Go to the Torpedo Fixed Slider Snap Swivel Section to find out how to rig up a second lure and double your odds of hooking up with a fish.