Torpedo Mixed Colors

Torpedo Weighted Steel

Torpedo Weighted Steel Sinks like Copper without the hassle.

It is proven that thicker diameter line attracts fish. Torpedo Weighted Steel in diameters of .036" and .039" have won tournaments while in the testing phase. Torpedo Mixed Colors

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Torpedo Weighted Steel is available in 45lb and 60lb, 200 and 300 feet options. Click here to purchase directly from our website.

Torpedo Divers™

The Torpedo Diver is a troller's tool providing a simple method of lowering fishing line to precision depths while maintaining contact with the lure. The shape of the Torpedo Diver gives it the efficiency to achieve depths far deeper than would be expected from its weight with minimal drag. Included with each Torpedo Diver is a detailed depth chart and directions on the various methods that the Torpedo Diver can help you catch fish. They work incredibly well on their own, but can also be combined with Downriggers, Leadcore and Copper to achieve even greater depths. Our Torpedo Divers Section goes into greater detail about how to use and maximize the efficiency and versatility of the Torpedo Diver.

Torpedo Mixed Colors For those of you that know what you are looking for - you can use the links below to go directly to the purchase page.
Torpedo Diver Cuda 12oz
Torpedo Diver Musky 8oz
Torpedo Diver Shark 4oz
Torpedo Diver Snapper 2oz

Downrigger Weight Reach greater depths with your downrigger using the Torpedo Diver design in the Torpedo Diver Downrigger Weights:

Available in 16 lbs & 12 lbs

Torpedo Deep Sea Diver Chrome

Explore a New World of Deep Fishing - Dive Down to 400 ft and beyond

Attaching a Torpedo Diver to the NEW Torpedo Deep Sea Diver changes the pitch and the force of the diver, creating an unprecedented method for deep fishing. Together with the Torpedo Diver Cuda (12 oz) the Torpedo Deep Sea Diver will reach depths of over 400ft.

See our Torpedo Deep Sea Diver page for information about why this diver is unique, how to use it, and depth charts.

Purchase the Torpedo Deep Sea Diver on its own or in combination with the Torpedo Diver Cuda:
Torpedo Deep Sea Diver
Torpedo Deep Fishing Diver Set

The April/May issue of Great Lakes Angler Magazine has a great article about The Torpedo Deep Sea Diver. With kind permission by Great Lakes Angler we have reproduced the article The New Deep for King Salmon by Matt Straw here for you.

Torpedo Hooks

Torpedo Tournament Treble Hooks

Torpedo Tournament Treble Hooks are extremely sharp which ensures a great hook set every time.

Our exclusive high carbon steel and alloys, create a hook that is light in weight and yet super strong.

Available in 5 Sizes: 2/0, 1/0, 1, 2, & 4. Click here for a quick link to purchase our Torpedo Tournament Treble Hooks.

Torpedo Trolling Wire™

Torpedo Trolling Wire Catch more fish with Torpedo Wire. Wire creates a vibration in the water that the fish find very attractive. The darker smoke color introduced in 2011 will virtually disappear into the water and not distract from your stealth presentation. Our wire is made with only the highest quality AISI 304 stainless steel, the best in the industry.

Our Torpedo Trolling Wire is available in 19-Strand

and 3 strengths of 7-Strand: 30lb, 20lb & 45lb

Nineteen Strand Torpedo Trolling Wire forgives kink, provides increased flexibility over 7 strand, less prone to spiny water fleas and its smoothness is less damaging to your guides. The weight of the Wire makes a great backing for leadcore and copper lines.

"Nineteen strand wire enabled us to boat 20 fish last Friday night while other boats had 2 or 3 fish. It really makes a difference!... WIRE WAS ON FIRE!!! Garry Tollefson

Torpedo Tip A great accessory to our Torpedo Wire is our Torpedo Roller Guide Tip

Being a manufacturer of wire we know what metal against metal wear can cause wire fatigue. The Angler will not notice the wear and one day will wonder why the wire snapped without a kink. For this reason the Torpedo Roller Guide Tip was developed. We designed the Torpedo Tip so that the wire stays in the center of the roller avoiding line breakage from the line getting caught in between the roller and the housing. A small guide is placed just before the roller to help ensure the line goes onto the center of the roller. A second guide is placed where the line comes off to also help steer the line. The whole tip swivels 120 degrees for when a fish is near the boat and makes a run to the sides. And through all this we kept all the tolerances tight.

Torpedo Snaps™

Have you ever had a snap swivel open or wondered why the business end of the snap isn’t rounded? Well we did and so we redesigned a snap swivel that can only be opened by the angler with a nice round business end. Our Torpedo Snap Swivel Size 2 (45lb) was such a hit that we have added the Torpedo Ball Bearing Snap Swivel Size 4 (90lb) last year. Due to popular request we have added a Snap Swivel Size 1 (30lb) and a new Ball Bearing Size 2 (55lb). Before adding a ball bearing swivel to our snap design we tested every ball bearing swivel we could find and only chose the best ball bearing swivel with welded rings for our customers. All of our snaps are made from quality AISI 304 stainless steel.

Torpedo Snap Swivels

When fighting the fish of your life, put your trust in Torpedo Snap Swivels.

Our selection includes:
Torpedo Snap Swivel Size 2 (45lb) & Size 1 (30lb)
Torpedo Ball Bearing Snap Swivels Size 2 (55lb) & Size 4 (90lb)
Torpedo Snaps Size 2 (55lb)

Torpedo Fixed Slider Snap Swivel
Packaged with our Torpedo Divers the Torpedo Fixed Slider Snap Swivel is a new and innovative method of adding a second bait with ease. Click here to see an instructional video and additional details on using the Torpedo Fixed Slider Snap Swivel.

"...after two weekends of lost chinook on straightend swivels - We managed to land the tournament winning fish last weekend with your products. Truly excellant design!!!" Rob Kivela