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Torpedo Divers Explosive Fishing

Torpedo Divers

The Torpedo Diver is a troller's tool providing a simple method of lowering fishing line to precision depths while maintaining contact with the lure.  The shape of the Torpedo Diver gives it the efficiency to achieve depths far deeper than would be expected from its weight with minimal drag.  They work incredibly well on their own, but can also be combined with Downriggers, Torpedo Deep Sea Divers, and Torpedo Weighted Steel to achieve even greater depths.


Torpedo Trolling Wires

 Catch more fish with Torpedo Wire.  Wire creates a vibration in the water that the fish find very attractive.  The darker smoke color will virtually disappear into the water and not distract from your stealth presentation.  Our wire is made with only the highest quality AISI 304 stainless  steel, the best in the industry.   Torpedo 19-Strand Trolling Wire forgives kinks and provides increased flexibility over 7-Strand. Our Torpedo Weighted Steel gives you the depth without the hassles of copper.


Torpedo Snap Swivels

Have you ever had a snap swivel open or wondered why the business end of the snap isn’t rounded? Well we did and so we redesigned a snap swivel that can only be opened by the angler with a nice round business end.

When fighting the fish of your life, 

put your trust in Torpedo Snap Swivels. 

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