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Torpedo Divers

Torpedo Divers

What is a Torpedo Diver?

The Torpedo Diver is a troller's tool providing a simple method of lowering fishing line to precision depths while maintaining contact with the lure.  The shape of the Torpedo Diver gives it the efficiency to achieve depths far deeper than would be expected from its weight with minimal drag.  Detailed Depth Charts are available for each diver.

Torpedo Divers are Easy.       
Minimum drag means, when the action is hot, hold onto your fishing rod, feel the first strike, enjoy the whole fishing experience. 

Torpedo Divers on Their Own


Setup of the Torpedo Diver is Easy. The Torpedo Diver is packaged ready to use with a Torpedo Fixed Slider Snap Swivel, detailed instructions and a depth chart specific to the Torpedo size. 

  1. With a fishing lure attached allow a leader according to the species desired. The most successful is putting your lure out 50 to 60 feet behind the boat.
  2. Attach the Torpedo Diver 12" below the Torpedo Fixed Slider Snap Swivel and attach to the line by sliding it through the Dropper Loop Knot. Other clips can be used in place of the Torpedo Fixed Slider Snap Swivel. 
  3. Let out the amount of line to depth according to the chart provided. 
  4. Put your rod in the rod holder or attach to an inline or planer board and send your bait out to the side. You can also bend the directional fin to the left or right to steer the Torpedo Diver in the desired direction away from your boat. 
  5. When reeling in slip out the Fixed Slider or unclip the clip attached to the Torpedo Diver and continue to reel in your catch. 

Torpedo Divers are a stealth presentation and should be used on the outside of downriggers and disk type divers. The angler is able to position his lures anywhere in the water column, giving the Torpedo Diver an advantage over other stealth presentations. Baits can now be added above, below or to the outside of non-stealth presentations. This new way of fishing has given our captains a competitive edge. 


Torpedo Deep Sea Divers


An anglers nightmare begins when target fish scurry to the abyss. The abyss is about to be invaded and is no longer a safe haven for targeted fish. 

What Makes the Torpedo Deep Sea Diver Unique?

  • A continuous ratcheting system to adjust side distance from the boat. Bottom screw never needs to be turned.
  • Welded ring has been replaced with a large Torpedo Snap Swivel, for easy change of leader lengths and storage.
  • Bottom screw has been replaced with a bolt that fits into a threaded insert molded into the diver. No longer is the diver subject to a screw stripping the threads rendering the diver useless.
  • An eyelet attached to the bottom of the diver accommodates attaching a Torpedo Diver.



Dive Down to 400 ft and beyond

Attaching a Torpedo Diver to the Deep Sea Diver changes the pitch and the force of the diver, creating an unprecedented method for deep fishing. Together with the Torpedo Diver Cuda (12 oz) the Torpedo Deep Sea Diver will reach depths of over 400ft. 



  1. Attach fishing line from the rod to the end of the release mechanism. When letting line out use the reel drag tension to avoid tangles.
  2. Top bolt adjusts tension for release system.
  3. Attach leader line to the snap swivel. Leader from the diver to the bait should be one rod length.
  4. Turn bottom of the Torpedo Deep Sea Diver to steer right or left.
  5. Bottom bolt adjusts tension of the right/left rachet system.
  6. Attach 4" of fishing line between the Torpedo Diver Cuda and the Torpedo Deep Sea Diver using a snap swivel on each end to achieve depths of 400'.

Depth Charts

A variety of depth charts have been created to help you most effectively use your Torpedo Diver. 

Our charts are specific to each Torpedo Size from speeds of 1mph to 4mph increasing by increments of .1mph to give you as much accuracy as we can. 

Lures and dodgers/flasher/rotators all have drag. A 4-inch lure will cause your presentation to lose two feet of depth,  a magnum spoon will lose 5 feet of depth and dodgers/flasher/rotators will lose 7 feet of depth. This is important information when  making precise depth presentation.